New (wind) Energy in Town

Spruce Street Supper Club is proud to be supported by Inspire, a start-up in the Philly wind energy market. As the sponsors of our last benefit event, they enabled us to raise $450 for the local non-profit Coded by Kids. Claire Moncla, who works in business development at Inspire, filled us in on the new company’s undertaking.

“We are 100% clean energy company,” she says. Inspire purchases wind generated energy, much of it from local wind farms. “In a deregulated markets as a home, business, renter, or owner, you can choose who your energy supplier is,” Moncla says. Just as you can simply change to a supplier like Green Mountain Energy through PECO, switching over to Inspire is a cinch – it takes less than five minutes to sign up online, and just costs a bit more than conventional energy ($0.0839/kWh for their most popular plan).

“It’s an offset program; if you sign up for Inspire, for all the energy that you use we buy that amount of energy from wind-generated sources.” The resulting increase in demand accelerates the shift toward clean energy. (Fun fact from Inspire’s website: It would take 210 million barrels of oil to generate as much electricity as U.S. wind turbines will generate this year.)

As the company grows, they plan to focus on catalyzing the smart home movement. They’ll equip homeowners with knowledge and resources to make energy conscious updates (using a Nest thermostat or getting a new water filtration system, for example), rather than just paying a bill each month. “We want to connect people with their homes,” Moncla says. (As a fresh new homeowner, I found several articles on the Inspire blog particularly useful.)

Inspire values community outreach, too. “SSSC event are a really great way for us to reach other non profits that are working in technology and are interested in developing people in the field we’re working in,” Moncla said at our last event at Rally Coffee.

“We’re here, we care about this community, and we’re investing in it.”

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